About arckus

Arckus’ Commercial Interim Management Program delivers a measurable result on a temporary basis. How does such a collaboration work?


Senior experience with youthful enthusiasm

Improving leadership and sales

High-quality service based on practical experience in leadership and sales improvement

Intensive cooperation

Working together intensively in a practical and accessible way

Marc Kol Arckus

About Marc


“Connecting customers, teams and performance”

I’ve always had that passion. I have mastered it since 1989. Therefore, arckus’s SMB clients can now benefit from my combination of senior experience and youthful enthusiasm in commercial, leadership and improvement roles.


Arckus’ mission

Commercial improvement experience accessible to SME’s

Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to have growth in volume, profit and / or market share? And who wants to continuously strengthen his commercial approach to serve customers better and stay ahead of the competition? Arckus is the right place for such growth programs. Our mission is to make senior experience, youthful enthusiasm and practical growth programs available to SME’s in the Netherlands. In an easy, affordable and scalable way.

Arckus’ vision

Why is a high-quality sales approach increasingly important?

Customers of the manufacturing industry are becoming more demanding by the day. The reason for this goes far beyond traditional competition. This demand is a necessity in order to guarantee optimal returns, quality and continuity of business operations. Finding a connection with such requirements and making a return with your offer is only possible if the working method of your sales organization is part of your offer.

“By means of a well-organized sales approach, supplemented with the power of personal sales, you bring value to your offer.”