Achieve measurable B2B sales growth in 3 months?

With the arckus growth program you connect your customers, team and sales performance faster and easier.

Are these the most important ambitions you have for your commercial team?

Volume and / or margin growth

Growth for new products or services

Personal growth

arckus helps you achieve your goals with effective growth programs: on a temporary basis, tailor-made and with measurable returns.

How can Arckus help my business and sales team?

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you want to know your growth potential?

Commerciële groei op maat met meetbaar rendement

Zijn dit de belangrijkste ambities die u heeft voor uw commerciele team? groei van volume en/of marge, groei met nieuwe producten of diensten? Persoonlijke groei?

Groei van volume en/of marge

Groei met nieuwe producten of diensten

Persoonlijke groei

arckus helpt u uw doelen te bereiken met effectief Commercieel Interim Management. Op tijdelijke basis, op maat en met meetbaar rendement.

Hoe kan Arckus mijn bedrijf  en verkoopteam helpen?

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Doe de

Arckus’ approach is based on successful collaboration with:

Why arckus?

Leadership and measurable approach

High-quality service based on practical experience in leadership and sales improvement

Senior experience

Practical senior experience in B2B sales ensures a clear and measurable approach

Intensive cooperation

Enabling intensive collaboration in a practical and accessible way

What makes
us unique?


The three main reasons the arckus program works

1. A clear and goal-oriented step-by-step plan

Start Team + transformation  Campaign management & guidance  result & adjustment

2. An approach based on the main components for growth

The connection between supply and demand, margin and price  excellent sales

3. Connecting your team to customers and performance

Sales cirkel

Businesses for which the growth program already worked

“Bizbike has ambitious growth goals for the Dutch market. With a great deal of responsibility, business knowledge and commitment, arckus has achieved a successful introduction”

Louis Vanhove

CEO , Bizbikes

“Arckus has worked in a practical, purposeful way to achieve measurable commercial success.”

Ger Camp

DGA , Madolex Group

Accessible | educational | very positive | theory very useful in practice. Very satisfied with Marc’s services.

Robbert Bruins

Regiomanager , Purmo / Radson

“Marc combines practical commercial expertise, dedication, business acumen and inspiration to drive positive change. His talent in training and coaching in practice are a bonus to his achievements!”

Christian Skilich

COO , Mondi Group (Paper & Board)

“When you want to improve the performance of your sales force, arckus helps you achieve that. Arckus uses senior sales management experience for this, combined with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. I have seen a few times that this particular combination takes a commercial team to a more effective way of connecting with their customers and the goals.”

Micheal Obernberger

Managing Director Solia Consulting

“Marc quickly becomes a trusted person who is open but direct. He quickly gets to the essence of what is asked of him and delivers more than he is asked to do. This means that working with him quickly becomes collaboration and he quickly manages to raise the bar. Marc not only thinks along but also dares to give his vision in a positive and very constructive way. Result-oriented and customer-oriented in a very personal way, a rare and appreciated combination. My advice: be sure to have a conversation with Marc!”

Ingmar Richartz

Directeur, Materialz

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Senior experience in:

– B2B industry
– Packaging and paper industry
– Supply chain industry

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