With the proven growth programs
you get more out of your sales.
That’s the Arckus way.

Winning B2B organizations rely on a fixed way of working in marketing and sales. All steps within your sales and marketing process are repeatable and predictable, such as the production process in a factory. Sales are not a “black box”, but contain concretely described intermediate steps and results.

Each arckus growth program helps you in a well-organized and reliable way to achieve a solid, improved way in sales. You determine the measurability yourself by choosing the growth program that suits you best.

Look below at which growth program suits you best.

Growth programs

Arckus uses proven and clearly defined growth programs to get more out of your sales

Sales Effectiveness

Temporary activity!

No time to thoroughly and quickly check the effectiveness of your sales approach?

• More effectiveness in your sales approach is crucial to realize your ambitions
• Do you want more control over funnel, pricing and volume growth?
•Systematically improve relationships with your customers?

Improve your sales approach quickly and thoroughly!

What can you expect?

5 sales approach improve priorities

The top 5 improvement priorities relevant to you, reported.

Solid tailor-made action plan

You have a solid custom action plan in less than 4 weeks

A more controllable sales approach from 5 weeks



3 and 6 months later

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Limited spots available

Professional sales

Most popular

Do you recognize yourself in these ambitions?

• More attention for the accents that you want to see realized in your growth strategy.
• More attention to the right customers and / or products / services.
• More pro-activity and independence for your sales team.

Then choose ‘Professional Sales Management’ 

What can you expect?

Everything from ‘Sales trainer & Coach plus: 

Top 5 opportunities plan

A top 5 opportunity plan, based on a thorough qualitative and quantitative study of your strategy

Growth talk

Deep scan with potency analysis

Curious about your options?
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Executive sales

Best measurable return

Do you recognize yourself in these ambitions? 

• Improving commercial results in volume and / or margin.
The successful launch of a new product, service or service.
• The measurable improvement of the customer and product mix.

Then choose ‘Executive Sales Management’ 

What can you expect?

Everything from ‘Professional Sales Management’ plus: 

Business Case

We draw up a business case

Sales approach

 The most effective sales approach is drawn up and implemented for your team

Implementing sales approach

Your team will be trained to successfully implement the new sales approach.

Measurable campaign & coaching

Then your team will be coached during the rollout of the campaign

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Request a non-commital consultation.

What can you expect?

You can expect tailor-made commercial growth with measurable returns. We are happy to explain why we dare to promise that.

Enterprising and dedicated

The growth you aim for will only be achieved if your team is entrepreneurial and committed. You can also expect that attitude from me: My customers will confirm that I always commit myself 100%. Additional work will not be charged, not even in the evening and / or at the weekend. In this way, one entrepreneur helps another.

Senior experience

For you this means that I have solutions for many sales situations and challenges. My clients recognize that through my youthful enthusiasm, I will always find a way to enthuse your team to achieve more.

A measurable approach

Arckus practical senior experience in B2B sales ensures a clear and measurable approach.

A proven practical approach

The arckus method connects your customers, team, performance and relevant factors. This results in a tailor-made approach in 4 steps.

“Bizbike has ambitious growth goals for the Dutch market. Arkcus has achieved a successful introduction with a great deal of responsibility, business knowledge and commitment”

Louis Vanhove

CEO , Bizbikes

“Arckus has worked in a practical, purposeful way to achieve measurable commercial success.”

Ger Camp

DGA, Madolex Group

Sales cirkel

Do you also need a result-oriented collaboration?

to improve your commercial results

Arckus’s Commercial Interim Management Program achieves measurable results through:

Development, team & transformation, management

Practical senior experience in B2B

Clear and measurable approach

Youthful enthusiasm takes your team along in dealing with the market and customers


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